I began using Ebay since its beginning and still today love its ease of use and selection. It never fails to amaze me on its vast availability ranging from Boeing 737′s to chiclets. Heck we’ve seen human organs …. READ MORE

Basically, oil prices are helping airlines with costs. However, I would assume the demand for flying is declining due to lower costs at the pump for drivers…. READ MORE…


I think we have all heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”. I learned this basic rule very early in my life and applied it to online stock trading. Many sites offer fantasy stock market trading platforms. Essentially, you are given theoretical money which you can “trade” in the market. Obviously, real transactions are not being [...]

Yahoo vs. Google Finance

Finance.yahoo.com or Finance.google.com? Recently I’ve invested more time playing on Google’s new offering of financial news and quotes. Seemingly, Google has been overtaking and outperforming various sectors of online services. For example, I am a proud new user of their browser Google Chrome. This morning while watching CNBC and following my investments online, I decided [...]

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    I am a recent graduate from Colorado State University with a degree in Economics. I started trading online nine years ago using a custodial account provided by my dad. I still trade today as a hobby and enjoy every minute of it. I am by no means a professional trader, however I have learned and experienced a number of useful tricks for beginners.

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